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Simple Property Fixes to Increase Value Part 1

Landlords all over know the importance of maintenance and upkeep in order to keep the property in proper condition as well as attractive prospective tenants. The problem is sometimes tenants move out and leave the place looking worse than when they originally arrived. There are some simple investments a landlord can make to spruce the place up and place your property in the front of a prospective clients mind.

One simple fix that a landlord can make to the rental property is just replacing the cabinets in the house. Think about it, when you walk into a kitchen everyone will notice whether or not the cabinets are in nice condition. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the cabinets to see how they match the kitchen color or what condition they are in. If a landlord replaces the cabinets prior to showing the house, the tenants will definitely notice and appreciate the better cabinet doors.

Another way to make your property pop to potential tenants is to simply power wash the exterior prior to the showing. Over time dirt, grime, and moss may begin to show on the exterior and tenants will notice. Taking a power washer over the exterior will make it appear cleaner which is a huge bonus to prospective tenants is. This makes buying a power washer or having someone power wash the exterior worth the investment.

Keeping your property up to date and clean is important to prospective tenants because it shows them that the landlord cares about the property. Taking simple, cost effective measures is a great way to attract tenants and keep your property value high.

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