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Testimonials & Evaluations

Evaluations of Dr. Basi and Roman Basi's performance as speakers are very high. Recently, following two workshops, participants were asked if they would recommend the workshop to others. They responded in the positive 96 percent at one workshop and 100 percent at a second workshop! When asked to rate the quality of the workshops on a scale of 1-4, 4 being "excellent," respondents replied 4.5 for the first workshop and 4.81 for the second workshop. 

“SUPER SUPER DUPER!!!! Thanks so much for delivering two highly charged seminars to an attentive audience at the …convention in New Orleans. You really dazzled them! ….all I heard from everyone was how terrific you are and what a polished presentation you deliver. In addition to presenting your material in a way that is easy to understand and can “sink in” people's minds (s), you have a great wit which delighted the audience!”

"Somewhat challenging material covered very ably. Certainly raised my awareness of issues and the complexity of these transactions."

"Attorney Basi was both informative and engaging. Excellent program."

“The meeting evaluations are rolling in daily and, as always, you get wonderful marks. (We are) very fortunate to have you as a resource; our members really value the advice you give them. (Our Association) always enjoys working a conference with you as well.”

“We have never had such outstanding comments on a convention speaker! Not only did you make your subject matter interesting, but you have a wonderful sense of delivery that gets through to your audience. We are still receiving phone calls and messages from attendees who say your program was simply the best ever!”

“(Dr. Basi’s) knowledge is unparalleled and his presentation style is dynamic, interactive, and entertaining. You certainly get your money’s worth with Bart.”

"The best I have attended so far!!! Phenomenal presentation!"

"Really enjoyed this presenter. He was engaging and held my attention on a fairly dry and technical subject. I will periodically look for other courses presented by him if you have any. Highly recommend!"

“Our members flock to his programs because they know they will get a “meaty” program full of take-home and ‘put into immediate use” tips. I think the real success of a speaker is shown by the number of folks that stay after a presentation to pick his brain and in this case, Bart is like the Pied Piper- they can’t get enough of him.”

"Great overview of tax considerations. Do a deep dive on the tax minimization analysis for your client whose buying or selling a business!"

"LOVE this instructor. A complex subject made fun and interesting. Excellent! Thank you!"

"Very well presented and thorough. Roman is obviously very experienced and was able to convey what are the most important aspects of security agreements very well. Excellent!"


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