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Retirement & Estate Planning

Planning and plan structuring for retirement is tied to the intent of the corporate owners, i.e., do I have a plan that will maximize benefits for my retirement? The law is complex in this area but does offer numerous combinations. Of utmost importance is ensuring that your retirement plan is considered qualified by the IRS.


Estate planning is broader in scope and includes the assets and ongoing income stream of the business. Therefore, planning the continued structure of the closely held corporation is essential to estate planning. Once a plan is formed, a periodic review of the estate plan should be conducted to be certain that it continues to fulfill specific goals for the distribution and transfer of assets. Day-to-day life situations and changes in the tax law impact estate plans. Our personnel can assist with detailed projections of your estate and the estate of other key stockholders.


Retirement and estate planning are broad in scope. The personnel at The Center will:​

  • Develop a retirement strategy for you.

  • Determine the estate tax consequence

  • Analyze asset transfer with action recommendations

  • Draft the legal documents


Download our questionnaire to assist in the preparation of the last will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Power of Attorney.

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