The Center Staff

The Center has developed the expertise necessary to respond to each clients' needs. The Center's broad experience working with closely-held and family owned companies enables us to formulate a complete financial plan for you, as well as provide you with legal and tax planning services. The Center coordinates this multi-faceted process for you in an unbiased fashion. 
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Roman Basi


CPA/Attorney at Law

Broker/Title Insurance Agent

Business Valuation Expert Witness

Dr. Bart A. Basi

Senior Advisor

Attorney at Law


Carol Basi

Corporate Secretary

Latisha Dunning

Accounting Associate

Michael Hampleman

Associate Attorney

Alexandria Zeigler Schramm 
Law  Clerk

Jennifer Barnett

CPA/Senior Associate/Treasurer

Lacie Henson

Accounting Associate

Andrew Rohne

Dana Wiseman

Associate Attorney

Matt Dolan

Law Clerk

Administrative & Legal Assistant 

Marissa Basi

Law Clerk

Brandi Basi

Administrative Accountant

Not Pictured -

Alexis Basi - Administrative Assistant