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Name and trademark recognition essential components of a successful business model.  Trademark law can be very complex, especially if you find yourself the subject of a trademark infringement suit when you have spent years building your name and logo in your field.  This is why it is crucial to file your trademarks early.

Trademark planning requires you to plan out what your mark will be, whether it will contain a logo component, and what goods or services you will offer in connection with the mark.  Once this information is known or your mark is in use a business must take whatever steps are available to protect that name, image, or logo to help ensure your business growth potential is maximized and your potential risk of loss through a trademark case is minimized.


The personnel at The Center can help by:

  • Evaluating the possible trademark conflicts with a newly chosen business name

  • Determining if a name or logo is protectable

  • Analyzing the risks associated with any potentially similar names

  • Filing a trademark registration with the USPTO

  • Helping with drafting and responding to cease-and-desist letters


Download the documents left to help determine if you may have a protectable mark.

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