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IRS Warns Against Scams

Tax season comes and goes every year, and every year scammers send emails, phone calls, and text messages trying to secure personal information from taxpayers. This year the IRS has even sent warnings to tax professionals, warning against emails from scammers posing as legitimate agencies for their information or taxpayer information.

For the individual taxpayer, a common scam this year is a phone call warning against an incoming arrest warrant that will be issued, or other law enforcement action if they do not call back. Taxpayers should note that the IRS has sent out reminders that they will never call to demand payment or threaten to bring law enforcement against the taxpayer. Taxpayers who have paid all their taxes have no reason to believe the IRS would be calling them.

Furthermore, scams have reached the tax preparers as scammers have begun reaching out to preparers pretending to be professional associations. If you receive an email or phone call from someone or a group pretending to be an association, you should reach out to the association through a verified source before giving up any information. The IRS reminds preparers to take at least minimal security measures to protect their clients and their data.

As always preparers and individuals are reminded to take precautions before giving away any personal information. The phone calls and emails will come, just be prepared to handle them and not divulge any information that a scammer may be able to use against you.

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