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Two Sticks of Butter: Registering that Drone you got with the Federal Aviation Administration

Merry Post Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone got what they wanted and had a good time this holiday season! Many of us got these neat toys called quadcopters drones. What many people are not aware of that received these gifts is that many of them must be registered with the FAA.

Registration is required as an Unmanned Aircraft System when the weight of the vehicle surpasses 250 grams (8.8 Oz) or the equivalent weight of 2 sticks of butter. The maximum weight under the UAS registration service is 25 kilograms of 55 lbs. This includes almost all of the popular drones being purchased out there, but may not apply to many of the “mini drones” weighing under 250 grams.

To register the drone go to:

The fee is $5 and the registration lasts 3 years.

Failure to register can have a hefty civil and criminal fine. The purpose of the registration is to make users aware of the FAA and to make them aware that federal rules apply to cool toys in some instances. Flyers are advised to notify airports (yes, hospitals with heli-pads are airports as well) when they fly within 5 miles of them.

To see if an area outside the 5 mile radius, users can download the “B4UFLY” smartphone app and use the easy step by step procedure. If you are within the 5 mile radius, merely notify the tower if an operator is present.

So, now you’re safe and legal. Let’s go droning!

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