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Shooting for a Trademark

Most people are keeping up with the NBA Finals and if not, are fairly familiar with many of the NBA players participating. One commonly known player, Jimmy Butler, is making news headlines – but not for basketball.

Jimmy Butler, playing for the Heat, has just recently filed a trademark for “HIMMY BUCKETS” on May 24, 2023. Sports Illustrated notes that there were upwards of 23 similar trademarks filed for Jimmy Butler. Reportedly, he wants to use this trademark to launch brands of coffee, soda, beer, clothing, etc., should his trademark be approved. The trademark comes from many fans and people on social media calling Jimmy “him.” This is common slang now for someone who is doing good at something or a way of saying that person is “that guy.”

If this trademark were to be approved, then he would legally own the mark and gain all benefits related to it. This also means Jimmy Butler could pursue legal action against anyone using the mark without his permission. Trademarks can be very tedious to file without any help from professionals.

Got something you want to be trademarked but don’t know where to begin? Having issues with a trademark you already own? Reach out to the Professionals at The Center for Financial, Legal, & Tax Planning Inc., at (618) 997-3436.

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