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Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

The PSLF allows for qualifying federal student loans to be forgiven after 120 qualifying payments (10 years), while working for a qualifying public service employer.

What qualifies as public service?

Public service can be working for the government at a federal, state, or local level, being a member of the United States military, and even certain non-profit organizations such as hospitals qualify as public service.

What steps to take to apply for a PSLF?

Step 1 is to determine what type of federal student loan you have. You can use Loan type to determine the type, and click on PSLF Help Tool to figure out the next steps to pursue forgiveness.

Step 2 is to enroll and certify. If you have Direct Loans but have not completed a PSLF form, use the help tool linked above and submit that by Oct. 31, 2022, to receive credit towards PSLF. If you have Direct Loans and previously filled out the PSLF, set a reminder to submit an updated copy each year to verify you are still on track to receive PSLF. If you have loans through another program such as FFEL, Perkins, or others, you must complete a Direct Consolidation Loan application by Oct. 31, 2022. Finally, if you have multiple periods of qualifying employment, you must fill out a PSLF form for each qualified employer and submit those by Oct. 31, 2022.

Step 3 is to follow up with your servicer. Once you submit the PSLF, the servicer of your loan is on notice that you are interested in the program and must being tracking that progress. If they fail to do so, or do not give you accurate information about your progress call (855) 411-2372 or file a complaint here.

Things to Consider

When submitting a PSLF, the servicer of your loan may change. Keep proof of your payments, either through PDF or email confirmations. Check your payment tally using the PSLF help tool and make sure it matches your records.

Important reminder: Not all 120 qualifying payments must be consecutive.

Please reach out to the professionals at the Center for Financial, Legal, and Tax Planning, Inc., for any questions related to the PSLF. Please contact us at (618) 997-3436 for more information.


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