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AI Not Smart Enough to Do Your Taxes

You shouldn’t count on AI to do your taxes anytime soon. Despite the rise of AI chatbots, relying on them for comprehensive tax preparation is not advisable. Over the past year, several options have emerged for taxpayers to seek assistance from chatbots with their taxes. However, these tools are designed to help with straightforward queries rather than manage the entire filing process. Their primary function is to address simple questions that arise during tax preparation, not to handle the complexities of the process itself. One significant limitation of AI chatbots is their knowledge cutoff dates, which often do not align with the most current tax codes. This means the advice they provide might not be accurate or up-to-date. While taxpayers can use chatbots for general guidance, it is crucial to verify the information against the latest tax regulations. Moreover, the specificity of the prompts given to these systems can lead to false or inaccurate responses. The more detailed and specific the question, the higher the risk of the chatbot generating incorrect information. This potential for inaccuracy is a significant drawback for those seeking reliable tax advice. There are also serious concerns regarding the security of sensitive tax information. Experts caution against sharing personal tax details with AI chatbots due to the risk of data breaches. If these services were to be hacked or suffer a data leak, the consequences could be severe, exposing users' private financial information. So, artificial intelligence is not yet equipped to handle the complexities of tax preparation. While they can offer basic advice, their limitations, and security risks make them unsuitable for managing your taxes. For now, it is best to consult with an actual tax professional to ensure accuracy and security in your tax filings. For more information, please contact the professionals at The Center for Financial, Legal, & Tax Planning Inc., at (618) 997-3436.


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