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ARE YOU A BULL OR BEAR? Why Keeping A Keen Eye On Your Portfolio Is Crucial.

In previous postings I have discussed the perils and prospering of the Tax Reform 2017 legislation. With the Senate passing their version of the bill just a couple days ago, I thought it would be prudent to continue the theme from last week discussing potential cautions to be watched.

Some of you have great portfolios, and in the Bull market we are under, you may be excitingly pleased with the increase. USA Today reports more increased optimism, “After topping 24,000 last week and briefly surging more than 300 points Monday on optimism that a tax overhaul plan is moving closer to reality after the Senate passed a bill over the weekend, Wall Street bulls say Dow "25K" is pretty much a sure thing.” One thing drilled into my brain during Business 101 courses was never to follow the role of the compulsive gambler and bank a “sure thing.” Now this projection in the article is mild, if you continue reading Bull investors like to prose that a Dow at 30,000 is completely in sight.

Making this projection is the same to me as placing the cart before the horse, of course I am of the more cautionary investor, playing safe because a Bear in the woods could also happen just as fast as this Bull push. Remember 2008? I sure do, everything took a turn, as said in the Movie “Wall Street,” greed may be good, but in the end, but it also essentially became legal from government interactions. Same as happening here, we need to not only watch what will come about under the 2017 tax plan, we need to be aware of the investments in our nest eggs.

Speaking of retirement, have you secured the money saved and interest earned from Uncle Sam? Having a solid investment plan is only as good as the treasure chest you secure it in. If you haven’t yet considered all of the “what if’s” in life, now is the time to give the professionals at the Center a call at 618-997-3436 for assistance in planning your estate, and the protection of the assets you have earned for your legacy.

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