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What is Going to Happen to Healthcare?

This Friday, the man that ushered in Obamacare will be stepping down as President and Donald Trump will take over the helm. His repeated promises include ending the Obama healthcare law. Congress has acted on a near party-line vote that makes the repeal all the more closer.

The law that has insured 20 million Americans to better health is in jeopardy of being repealed. While many people (over half) dislike the law, it has had an effect on healthcare which is indisputable. During the existence of the law, the percentage of uninsured people in this country has reached historic lows. Healthcare is now affordable and attainable for many more Americans than before.

The Republicans, which now control Congress and soon the presidency know this. They also know that pulling the rug out from many Americans will cost tremendous political capital that they don’t have enough of to do this. What I predict will happen is that Congress and The President are going to un-peel the law slowly. They want to send a clear message with the votes that happened this week that they intend on repealing Obamacare, but they know to do so immediately would leave millions uninsured.

The Democrats are presenting their case and making it clear, they intend to keep Obamacare and that repealing it will, “Make America Sick Again”. They are correct. Rapid repeal of the law will cause cancer patients to quit going to the doctor, pregnant mothers to stop prenatal care and deliver in a hospital to the tune of a $30,000 bill.

While we do not take a position in the debate, our opinion is that for now, the current healthcare law will be the law of the land for at least this year. Congressional Republicans know their political future is on the line with such an important law and they aren’t going to do anything rash. Donald Trump was not Congress’s first pick. Many including Senator Graham, railed against the guy. We can expect some form repeal, but replacement won’t be so easy. Both parties will act rationally or they will pay the political price.

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