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Protect Against Tax Fraud

Every year around this time, people will begin to notice unknown numbers calling their phones throughout the day leaving automated voicemails. Often times these messages will be claiming pending lawsuits, tax problems, or even that they are the IRS. Avoid these calls, they are not real, all of the calls, texts, and emails are elaborate schemes to scam taxpayers out of their money and identities. Follow these tips to protect yourself.

First is to beware of phishers, this is the most common way for scammers (criminals) to gather your information. They will pose as the IRS or employer’s and request documents or identification from the taxpayer. Whether it be by phone-calls or emails, the phishers will solicit information such as W-2 forms or social security numbers. Be warned, the IRS will not call you, the most common form of communication from the IRS is via regular post-mail.

Another way to avoid scams is to practice safe computer habits. Beware unsecured websites, and have malware protectors installed on your computer. Use strong passwords on websites used for tax purposes, and have your firewall on to protect your computer from hackers. Malware is easily spread around through fake emails so beware of junk-mail as well.

Every year thousands of Americans fall for these tactics, don’t be one of them. Practice safe habits to keep your taxes and identity safe from these criminals. If you have questions about questionable phone calls, you can always reach out or file a report with the IRS, and always if you have questions about filing taxes contact us at the Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc


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