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Spending Bill

Last week, Donald Trump and congress passed a $1 trillion spending bill which will keep the government through the end of September. It does not allow for “a wall” on our southern border, but increases funds for our border security, what President Trump claims is a “down payment” on his wall. (Ha ha) Among the functional and well known provisions are the less known. In this bill emergency funding is included for infectious diseases with Zika being present, this is necessary. The bill also includes $100 million to counter Russia’s influence in democratic processes, it protects medical marijuana, but ironically allows more migrant workers.

Editor’s Comment: The last time we had a government shutdown, was in 2013 and it became known as the Ted Cruz Shutdown. The local federal forest was closed to visitors and beyond that, not many people noticed. If Donald Trump were to shut the federal government down this early in his presidency, it would have sent a clear message to congress that this president is not here to cooperate. Tax policy reform is necessary and had that happened, tax reform would likely not have happened during this presidency.

Roman will be giving The Key Note speech at the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) convention on Friday on the subject of tax reform. He will key in the past, present and future of tax rules for this country. We also do valuations and succession planning for business. Let us know if you have any needs or concerns.

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